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Tips On How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

It’s all about knowing where and how to apply fragrance, and how to store it so it retains its quality. If you know how to make the most out of your perfume, you won’t waste as much as well.

Here are GuappoGuappa's 11 tips on how you can make your perfume last longer.

1. Add Petroleum Jelly on Pulse Points

The ointment in petroleum jelly will hold the fragrance for longer. Apply to your wrists, neck, inside elbows, behind knees, and on ankles and calves.

2. Spray Your Hairbrush

The alcohol in perfume can dry out your hair, so don’t apply it directly. Instead, lightly spray your hairbrush with it or purchase a hair perfume that is specifically designed to take care of your locks.

3. Don't Store It in the Bathroom

Humidity and dampness will break down the perfume and weaken the fragrance, so keep it in your bedroom instead.

4. Moisturize

Apply an unscented lotion before spritzing. Oily skin will retain the fragrance for longer.

5. Apply It at the Right Time

Damp skin will lock in the scent, but if you get dressed immediately after, it will rub off. Wait a few minutes for the scent to dry.

6. Don't Rub Wrists Together

Friction will cause the top notes of the perfume to fade faster and your perfume won’t last as long.

7. Utilize Every Last Drop

Don’t waste those last few, frustrating drops. Instead, mix them into an unscented body lotion to make your favorite scent last even longer.

8. Know the Different Types of Perfume

Anything labeled body spray, eau de cologne, or eau de toilette has a low concentration of fragrance oils and a more subtle scent. Eau de parfum and extrait de parfum are a lot more pungent and last the longest.

9. Carry Around Cotton Buds

Lugging around your perfume bottle can be heavy, and you might lose it. Instead, carry around some cotton buds swabbed with your fragrance for touch-ups throughout the day.

10. Don't Shake Your Scent

Perfume is designed to stand still. Shaking the bottle will only let air in and reduce its quality.

11. Store Away From Light

Perfume needs to be stored away from daylight as it degrades the oil and breaks down the fragrance. You may store your perfume in a fridge!

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